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RC General Contractors

Contractor License #WV027172

Welcome to RC General Contractors

Whether you are looking to build or renovate your dream home, or if you want to create a custom commercial space design to fit your specific needs, you owe it to yourself to talk with RC General Contractors.

Every building project is a complex undertaking. As clients demand increasingly sophisticated creations that are both functional and elegant, the entire building process must be carefully orchestrated. RC General takes pride in working in concert with the client, designers, suppliers and subcontractors to guarantee satisfactory completion of the project.

Well before ground is broken or trucks arrive with equipment, we will work with you and your select group of architects and interior designers to ensure that your project proceeds without costly delays. We insist on upfront exploration and evaluation. By getting involved from the inception of a project, we make sure all parties have a working understanding throughout the building process. The end result is project completed on time and within budget for a satisfied customer.

At RC General we take personal pride in our craftsmanship. From administrators through frontline carpenters and artisans who work on your project, we are committed to excellence every day, in every area.

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